Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Fish Oil Study

"In the new report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, lead study author Dr. Evangelos Rizos and his colleagues completed an extensive review of existing data. They pooled results from 20 studies that included almost 70,000 adult patients.
Through rigorous statistical analyses, they said, they found no significant risk reduction in those getting increased omega-3 in their diet or through supplements."

I, personally, find nothing in this study that would make me change my high opinion of fish oil supplementation. There have been thousands of fish oil studies, why these 20 were chosen is unclear. Also, most of the f/u was for a very short duration, much too short to see a true reduction in adverse events.

Curiously enough, on September 10th the Endocrine Society released new treatment guidelines for Hypertriglyceridemia, which stated:

"Fibrates, niacin, or omega-3 fatty acids be used alone or in combination with statins in patients with moderate to severe hypertriglyceridemia."

I look forward to reviewing the full study in JAMA when released, but for now will keep up my daily Krill Oil!


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