Monday, January 28, 2013

What is "Health?"

Great video with Dr. Alexander Jadad asking, "What is Health?" and the effort to come up with a new definition.  Definitely worth a look!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Study: Glycemic Index versus Glycemic Load!

A really interesting study detailed over at Suppversity compares the importance of the Glycemic Index of our diet versus the Glycemic Load. Now for those of us on traditional Paleo/Primal diets, we essentially follow a low Glycemic Index diet, however, more and more are beginning to recommend what is  being called "Paleo 2.0," essentially focusing more on Glycemic Load than Glycemic Index.

One of the major differences being that starches, especially white potatoes, which have long been verboten in my diet, may now be acceptable, and even recommended for those of us who utilize heavy anaerobic (weight training/ cross fit) workouts! Can't say that I wouldn't mind some mashed potatoes made with real butter and heavy cream on my plate occasionally. Anyway, the study is very impressive in the superiority of GL versus GI. Certainly, is not the end of the argument, but more and more information is weighing in on the GL side.

Also, I am very much looking forward to reading the new version of Perfect Health Diet. Some of my patients have already started using their principles with very good results!  Will detail more once I have reviewed the entire book.

By the way, with my increased work schedule, it has been difficult to document daily Whole 30 updates.  I do continue to follow a pretty strict "original" Paleo diet, while exercise has increased as well. Look forward to detailing physical changes at the end of the Whole 30 period!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day #4 Review

This day didn't start off so well. For some reason my Android phone alarm clock did not want to work and so we woke up 30 minutes later than usual. Had to skip breakfast.  Did manage a mid morning protein shake and then for lunch had ground beef, pico de gallo, jalapenos and a little hot sauce over lettuce. Did not work out secondary to muscle fatigue from the other nights. Skipped pre-bed casein as well.

Weight check this AM : steady at 184.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day #3 Review

A good day #3. No breakfast yesterday. Had pharmaceutical rep bring in lunch, vegetable soup with pasta (didn't have any of it), salad (removed the croutons and used my own paleo dressing), and turkey on croissant (threw away the croissants!), so didn't do too bad. Had to pick my girls up at the gym at 6:00, got home and promptly had a pretty good back workout (not as long as I'd have liked since I had to get dinner going). Watched "Cougar Town" that we had DVR'd the night before. For a show that I always love the writing, it was a little bit of a letdown. Finished the night with casein protein drink.

Weight this morning was 184. No change from yesterday. Total loss of 1.5 pounds since Monday.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day #2 Review

Another good day! No intermittent fasting yesterday!  Started the morning with scrambled eggs and bacon. Had midmorning whey protein shake and then went to one of my lunch staples.....Denny's!!  Had two orders of scrambled eggs, two orders of bacon and side salad. Got home at 5:30 and did some light cardio and biceps workout. Then had a fantastic flank steak stuffed with .....wait for it.......bacon! As well as spinach and bell peppers! Then a final casein shake prior to bedtime.

This morning weight was 184.0.  A loss of a pound and a half so far this week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day #1 Review

Overall, day 1 went about as well as it could have. I did do a day of intermittent fasting, not eating any calories until 4:00 PM. 17 hour fast went by without any problems! Took a protein shake at 4:00 PM, got home at 5:30 and went to the gym. Did chest and tri's, 275 pounds on the incline bench for 2 reps. For the longest time, I have used a pyramid for chest training, gradually working my way up in weight as sets progress.  This month, I am going to focus on a reverse pyramid, after warming up, will attempt my heaviest sets first and gradually decrease weight.

After working out, my lovely wife had fixed a fantastic dinner of a juicy french cut pork chop, asparagus and side salad (mixed greens, radishes, pistachios, and chopped bell  pepper) with paleo salad dressing. Had a small whey based protein shake mixed with water as well. Then at bedtime, took my casein based protein shake mixed with water.

Weight this AM was 185.6.  No change from yesterday.

Monday, January 7, 2013

And So It Begins!

Today is the beginning of my wife's and my Whole30 experiment.  30 days of perfect Primal diet and exercise! I have been scouring the web for the latest research on dietary supplements to aid fat burning and muscle gain. Also, I will be practicing Intermittent Fasting 3-4 days a week during this period.  Today, I weighed 185.6 pounds and body fat is up a little to 11%. I will be updating frequently on workouts, diet and stay tuned.

These are the supplements that I will be taking this month:

VPX Meltdown, the only fat burner that I've been impressed by their studies!

MusclePharm Combat Powder, high quality whey protein supplement.

MusclePharm Core Casein, high quality slow release protein to take at bedtime.

VPX NO Synthesize, Pre and Intraworkout creatine and Nitric Oxide increasing supplement.

Taurine, Essential Amino Acid, which recent studies suggest taken 2 grams 3 X a day will promote muscle synthesis!

Leucine, Branch Chain Amino Acid taken 3 grams intraworkout suggest a significant increase in testosterone production!

As well, as my usual Vitamin D3 and Krill Oil supplements.

Add lots of H2O, blood sweat and tears and a Primal diet and I am incredibly excited to document the next month!

LA Magazine Article

Nice little article on Mark Sisson and the Primal Movement in LA magazine!