Saturday, August 25, 2012

Supplement of the Day: Krill Oil

Most people are aware of the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation via fish oil. Numerous studies show the improvement in lipid (cholesterol) parameters and some studies suggest a decreased risk for certain cancers and improvement in inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. But, it appears that not all fish oils are created equal. More studies are beginning to show that Krill Oil is probably the most beneficial fish oil supplement. Because of the unique phospholipids in Krill (the little crustaceans that whales eat), the human body shows greater absorption of the beneficial Omega 3's than any other fish oil. While studies so far have been small, their results have been very impressive!

·         Fish oil, also called Omega 3 fatty acids, are beneficial in numerous ways, including anti-inflammatory effects and blockage of plaque formation on arterial walls.  LDL reductions have been show to be approximately 5%, triglycerides by 15% and an increase in HDL of 5%.
·         Krill oil is a particular type of fish oil which the body may be able to absorb better than other forms.  Small studies have shown reduction in LDL by 34%, triglycerides by 20% and an increase in HDL of 43.5%.  Larger studies are needed, but preliminary results are encouraging."
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I have been using Neptune Krill Oil for approximately two years and I love the fact that there is no fishy aftertaste like some fish oils can cause. While any otc fish oil that states it is 100% Krill Oil should be beneficial, I personally use Neptune Krill Oil from Rejuvenation Science.

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