Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two More Converts

Today, I saw two patients for their two week follow ups. Both were remarkably similar.  I had seen them both for preventive care evaluation two weeks ago. They were both found to be obese, but also their fasting blood sugars were 116-120 (normal fasting sugar is generally 70-100, glucose intolerance ("pre-diabetic") is 101-125, and diabetic range is > 125). We discussed the Paleo/Primal Diet movement and recommended the "Wheat Belly" book by William Davis MD as an introduction to the diet. Both patients had lost > 10 pounds in the last two weeks, and more importantly their fasting blood sugars were within normal range at 91 and 92, respectively! Their energy levels are up and their gastroesophageal reflux symptoms are resolving!

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