Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Study: Glycemic Index versus Glycemic Load!

A really interesting study detailed over at Suppversity compares the importance of the Glycemic Index of our diet versus the Glycemic Load. Now for those of us on traditional Paleo/Primal diets, we essentially follow a low Glycemic Index diet, however, more and more are beginning to recommend what is  being called "Paleo 2.0," essentially focusing more on Glycemic Load than Glycemic Index.

One of the major differences being that starches, especially white potatoes, which have long been verboten in my diet, may now be acceptable, and even recommended for those of us who utilize heavy anaerobic (weight training/ cross fit) workouts! Can't say that I wouldn't mind some mashed potatoes made with real butter and heavy cream on my plate occasionally. Anyway, the study is very impressive in the superiority of GL versus GI. Certainly, is not the end of the argument, but more and more information is weighing in on the GL side.

Also, I am very much looking forward to reading the new version of Perfect Health Diet. Some of my patients have already started using their principles with very good results!  Will detail more once I have reviewed the entire book.

By the way, with my increased work schedule, it has been difficult to document daily Whole 30 updates.  I do continue to follow a pretty strict "original" Paleo diet, while exercise has increased as well. Look forward to detailing physical changes at the end of the Whole 30 period!

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